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Bespoke Keyrings

We offer a full range of bespoke keyrings to suit every budget and design. There is a choice of materials, with different manufacturing and branding methods:
The design is used to create a mould with either a stepped 2D design or curved 3D design. This is then filled with pantone matched soft PVC in up to 14 spot colours.
The plastic is injection moulded using standard plastic colours into the required shape. This is then screen printed with the design. Alternatively we can relief mould the design into the plastic to leave a raised impression of the design.
There are a range of manufacturing and branding methods for the metal keyrings as outlined below:
Stamped - The most common method. The shape is die-cut from sheet metal with the design stamped into the surface.
Injected - The keyring is made to an exact 3D design by injecting a zinc alloy into custom made moulds.
Etched - The design is etched into the surface of the metal. This is used for small or intricate designs which cannot be acheived by stamping
Cloisonne Enamel - A traditional and high quality enamel made from powdered glass. Made to a selection of standard colours.
Hard Enamel - The modern high quality alternative to traditional cloisonne, offering pantone matching. The enamel is hand filled and then polished for a smooth finish.
Soft Enamel - A quality, but budget enamel with pantone matching. The enamel sits slightly inlayed from the metal, and can be coated with a clear epoxy resin.
Printed - Screen printed with spot colours or full colour offset printed. Screen print available in up to 8 colours. The print is coated with a protective clear epoxy resin.
Sandblasted - The plated metal keyring is sandblasted and polished to create a 2-tone effect.