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Sponsoring a sports or music event large or small?
Folding chairs are a perfect way to gain exposure at an open air event.  They will be kept and used at BBQ's, taken to open air concerts or future sports events. Imagine looking across a sea of spectators at a Grand Prix or local cricket game and seeing your company logo across the backs of 500 or 5000 chairs.  Not only is the brand hard coded in to the minds of the recipients but gaining interest from others and possibly a TV audience too. Perfect for motor racing, golf, cricket and open air concerts.
How would you distribute the merchandise? Perhaps offer merchandise in return for completing a questionnaire or for buying a certain number of units of the product that you sell.  I.e. 'free folding chair with any four pint purchase of XYZ lager'.
We can supply the necessary gazebos for housing merchandise at one or more locations at an event.
Need help distributing your merchandise at an event anywhere in the World? See Calverley StreetTeam.